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Our Work In The Community 

At the heart of WCH is a social purpose.  WCH supports the delivery of integrated health and care in purpose-built environments based in local communities,


Whether this is contributing to the economic prosperity in the local community through building relationships with local schools; and other educational institutions, or through helping those of the community who are less fortunate.


Social value creation is important to our people and those who work with us.  We will put our efforts behind Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives that are good for our staff, giving them a greater sense of purpose; maximise community benefit and deliver demonstrable social value. Here is an example of some of the comunity lead events that we have out together in the past. 


Man Your Community

We Care Homes encourages family orientation. In the past, we have used our stature in the community to provide an event which encouraged parents and single men to look at innovate ways to encourage community engagement and reduce serious youth violence in the area.

Education  During  COVID-19


We Care Homes provides in house tutors who give one-to-one educational sessions in functional skills. During  the early stages of Co-VID, We Care Homes used our resources to provide extra mathematics tuition for young people who were not attending school- via zoom.


Family  Therapy Workshps

We Care Homes provides in house family mediation for for our most challenging young people. Often we find that they are products of volatile family dynamics. We Care Homes offered our in house services to people in the community by hosting a training event for parents on how to effectively communicate with their children.