My name is Adrian Adams.

I am the managing director of We Care Homes and the creator of the CPD accredited ‘Road To Damascus’ rehabilitation framework.

At We Care Homes we specialise in providing safe and stable social care for looked after young people with emotional and behavioural needs - some of whom are at risk of exploitation.

Our ethos is that: ‘We cannot Prepare the future for our young people But we can prepare our young people for the future.'

How do we do this

We Care homes have combined a total of 25 years of experience and research to develop a series of workshops designed to support all service users in their process of rehabilitation. We refer to this as the Road to Damascus Route, which has 5 stages.


Early Career

By 2012 I pursued my interest in property development and was fortunate enough to work as a Mortgage Advisor and Protection Manager for 3 years with the National Westminster bank (RBS). After achieving numerous professional qualifications (CeMAP, CeFA), I felt that I was reaching my destination - however studying economics made me innately aware of the numerous socio-economic factors which were still impacting my peers and family members.

In 2016 I read a quote by Malcom X which said: "1 man cannot rise above the condition of his people". At that moment, I truly found my identity! I knew that my purpose in life was to give back to the community through increasing economic opportunities for young people.

In 2017 We Care Homes was incepted - we have since been industry leaders in youth rehabilitation, and have delivered training and workshops to professionals and ex-offenders throughout the country.

I believe that the reason that We Care Homes, is so impactful is due to our authenticity. I have lived the lifestyle that many of the most hard to reach young people are accustomed to, so they believe me when I speak. However, at 33 I am old and experienced enough to impart wisdom and knowledge on to them.

My understanding of my degree enables me to connect the various socio-economic components which have contributed to the reasons why many of our service users have been subjected to adverse childhood experiences. I believe that this is primarily due to many parents being victim to the same Macroeconomic factors which are still plaguing our community today.

Early Life

During the early stages of my career, I was very ashamed of my past, as I felt that it contributed to the numerous stereotypes about young black men which are perpetuated throughout the media. However, after 5 years of making positive changes to the lives of many young people, I now understand that it is my past experiences that qualify me to be an industry leader in this field.

As a child of Ghanian immigrants, I grew up on the infamous Broad water Farm estate. Having personally witnessed the impacts of 2 separate riots in my lifetime, growing up on this estate, gave me first hand recognition of the impacts that high unemployment, poor public spending,overcrowded housing, and poor police - community relations has on our demographic. I didn't know it back then but I was being trained to understand at first hand how these factors can lead to public unrest and anti-social behavior.

Due to the efforts of hardworking and dedicated parents, I was fortunate enough to attend the Lemuel Findlay Supplementary School (LFSS) for ethnic minorities, this which provided me with an addition to mainstream education. Like many other young Afro-caribbean boys, I found the system of mainstream education mundane, as I was consistently in trouble. However I always saw myself as a leader and knew that I had something much more to offer to this world.

I spent the majority of my teens entrenched in the criminal realms of society trying to find my identity.

By 2009 I was leading a double life, allured to the incentives of criminality whilst attending university. I was fortunate to graduate university in 2011 (Thank God!), and achieve a degree in Economics and Business Finance Bsc. Being able to broaden my Horizons in university helped me to aspire for more. I also perfected my skill of being able to assimilate to every environment that I am in, and communicate with people from all walks of life.