Our services

We Care Homes provides focussed, high quality support alongside accommodation for young people including unaccompanied minors with complex and diverse backgrounds.


Working across a number of London boroughs, our professional, experienced and committed staff guide and inspire young people to sustainable an authentic independence. Our services are robust, confidential and delivered by staff who will listen, and understand. We help young people to maximise their potential at home, at school and throughout their lives, through personalised services designed to enable choice and Development.

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We aim to provide some of our placements for the provision of Asylum accommodation and support services for persons claiming asylum, granted refugee status and others who have failed in their asylum application.

Our Objective is to ensure that they receive the same quality of care and protection that indigenous young people with similar needs would receive. In some respects, these young people present a fresh version of familiar challenges and dilemmas for social care providers. What is unique about
our organization is that we understand that separation and loss are fundamental parts of any unaccompanied child’s story.


We work closely with a number of Our partnership organisations such as Upskill 360, Foundations For Life, Music Rise Institutions, and Knowledge In-tuition, in order to provide alternative education provision, and gang rehabilitation programme. We have delivered this programme in the past with other LA's in the past. We have offered our courses as an alternative to mainstream education or to community service.


Our outreach service offers support for children and adults on the autism spectrum disorder to take part in a wide range of opportunities in the community, or to help individuals and families implement coping strategies within the home; we can also offer Person-centred Plan development. Sessions can be for a few hours a week to daily, depending on individual need.


This service lead by Theresa S Chibanda of. anywhere in London and will tailor the service to the needs of the individual, offering sessions of 4 hours or more during the day, evenings and at weekends. This service involves listening, thinking together, coaching, sharing ideas, and seeking feedback. It may require some level of compromise on behalf of the service, their carers, and the health team to provide the 'right' care plan for that person.